GaN Amplifiers For Broadband EMI and EMC Testing Applications:

GaN amplifierIFI Series S61-Series GaN Amplifiers (Gallium Nitride Amplifier)
Application: Broadband Testing
Frequency Range: 1.0 GHz – 6.0 GHz
Power: 50 watts

GaN Amplifier Technology

Our IFI S61-50 Series broadband GaN testing amplifier provides a minimum of 50 Watts of Solid-State CW Power for the 1.0 to 6.0 GHz frequency range. This Gan amp. (Gallium Nitride Amplifiers) is available in many power levels from 5 watts through 250 Watts.

IFI's broadband Gallium Nitride Amplifiers (GaN Amplifiers)  use a very compact design, only 3U chassis, 5.25”H x 19”W x 24”D which is another industry first. This 50 watt ultrawide-band compact GaN Amplifier design is ideal for the various test requirements for EMI compliance testing, EMC testing and all lab and test installations requiring wide-bandwidth technology.

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GaN amplifier

IFI S61-Series GaN Amplifiers for broadband testing applications...

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